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About us

Velvista has established itself as one of the most reputable and respected real estate agencies, thanks to its unwavering commitment to the highest standards of customer service quality. Founded many years ago in the bustling heart of the capital, this company was initially inspired by the desire to transform the real estate market by offering services that not only meet but exceed customer expectations.

With the passage of time, Velvista has not only consolidated its dominant position in the local market, but is also actively working to expand its presence in the international arena, striving for global recognition. The key to Velvista's success is their relentless pursuit of excellence in all aspects of their operations, from the careful selection of properties to the provision of comprehensive advice and legal support at all stages of the transaction.

The company is proud of its team of highly qualified professionals, each of whom has a wealth of ten years of experience in the market and is able to offer customers not just services, but comprehensive solutions that take into account their individual needs and preferences as much as possible. Specializing in premium real estate, Velvista takes a unique approach to each transaction, ensuring that the price of services is fully in line with their quality and efficiency.

The company's arsenal includes an extensive open database, including both secondary housing and exclusive offers of newly built residential complexes. A detailed description of projects under construction and a thorough analysis of the market allow the experts of Velvista to provide clients with not just a home, but an ideal living space that takes into account all key factors and personal preferences.

At Velvista, we understand that the priority for the company is not only to achieve commercial success, but also to ensure the maximum comfort and safety of customers. Therefore, they take responsibility for supporting clients at every stage of the transaction - from the initial selection of the property to the legal registration and conclusion of the transaction.

The strategic goal of Velvista is to become not just a real estate agency, but a reliable and faithful guide for its clients on the way to realizing their dream of a perfect home in the vast and multifaceted world of real estate.